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Despite the name, the site actually welcomes women of all ages. Similarly, Emma was struck by how young the women in the ad look:. Reader Anna caught a mistake I made. The show Cougar Town started out as something like this, and then it just turned into a bad copy of Sex and the City. Thing that I noticed though, is that the ad doesn't seem to be targeting the cougars themselves do they get a different ad? It seems like they're not predatory at all, unless you count simply being over a certain age and seeking sex as predatory behaviour.

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This post contains an error. If you look at the site carefully, the "cubs" category means men the ages of , not women of these ages. Choose "looking for a cub" and the pictures are all male, and that term is often used for the younger male partner of an older women. The only women "available" on the site are 36 years old and over, so the site in effect bans both middle aged men and young-ish women from participating.

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The promise of women over 35, the image of women under 30 and a soundtrack that can't possibly be meant to represent anyone over Let's not forget the audio and editing choices of this ad. Nothing sensual about jump cuts. I second Zee's comment - the female sexuality presented in this ad is frivolous, passive and objectified. Pretty much the polar opposite of what I find sexy about older women. It seems to me to be a bad marketing all around. I wonder if this is because the site's marketing is disingenuous, the site has perhaps modified their business strategy over time or never took their own target market seriously, or maybe this is just a case of failure on the side of an outside ad agency.

I wonder what the company was hoping to achieve with this ad and how they responded to the final product.

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Even keeing tha tin mind, it's striking how conventional the commercial is, with a simplistic, almost girly theme song and the women striking poses and interacting in ways that could be easily found among teenages in media. Even with the term watered down to this extent, it seems to be cougar in name only.

First of all, the song sounds like an ad for toys or fashions for preteen girls. I was looking at the website. Friends, and horny milf - c-date online dating is a woman who too.

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