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I am Virgo, cm 5' 5'' , 73 kg lbs. I am matured girl looking for friendship that is honest and straight forward. Denn , 38 y. I am Libra, cm 4' 12'' , 47 kg lbs.

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Feel free to ask me anything, just asked me and I'll tell you. Ask ask ask ask me anything ask me anything just asked me. Tonya69 , 24 y. I am Cancer, cm 4' 12'' , 44 kg lbs. Ebritish , 23 y. I am a loving and caring person Alliagem22 , 27 y.

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I am Taurus, cm 5' 5'' , 45 kg lbs. Gentle, kind and must be serious.

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I am Cancer, 54 kg lbs. Just a simple person who likes to go on long drives, love spending time with my loved ones. Black-Indian couples are extremely rare. Interracial dating amongst most Indians is rare in general. A lot of people are most likely gawking at the rarity of the couple.

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The F train from Queens is heavily immigrant and immigrants aren't very "PC". Many will look and will try to make you feel uncomfortable. No doubt that many are plain disgusted too. I'd guess that most of the looks are from Immigrant Indians and African-Americans correct? Have thick skin, ignore it. If not, it'll continue to create unnecessary stress or even threaten your relationship. I know for a fact that a many Indian females "dig' Black guys but their culture is so strongly anti-miscegnation esp with Blacks , they'd never act on it.

My cousin dated an Indian girl for years and her Indian guy friend had to put on an act that he was actually her boyfriend and would always sneak her to my cousin's house. Her parents never found out.

Originally Posted by serenelypanicked. The point is we receive stares and mean looks from native New Yorkers and Americans who have lived here for generations. It's just not as frequent as the stares and looks we get from other minorities.

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Originally Posted by Mistertee. Times have changed, guyanese mingle much more now than ever before. I know many folks who have intermarried between guyanese black and indian.

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To the OP, I know exactly what you been thru. I used to date a black chick in this city, and I felt a lot of uncomfortable stares. I would ignore it as much as I could, but I know the "celebrity" feeling you are talking about.

I felt the same way. I guess alot of folks may be jealous. So, they're probably upset. It be great to know what type of folks are giving you the most stares. Maybe they are staring at you because shes a hot looking woman dating a really ugly guy? Come on, post a pic and we will tell you why..

Originally Posted by Henna. How do you know how many generations someone's family has been in the US? Does it come out in conversation after they have stared at you so long you just have to speak to them? And if you are actually speaking to the people who stare rudely at you, what are they saying during the conversation besides telling you that their great grandparents grew up in the US? This would be useful information.

Originally Posted by LegalDiva. Last edited by serenelypanicked; at I don't get it? How odd would it seem to drop a more African-lookking man into the mix? What am I missing here?