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Writing you a song. What is the main thing you and your crush have in common? You both dominate in gym class. You're both super popular. You can talk about anything. You have the exact same taste in music.

What is your status in your group?

Every guy you crush on has to be: Describe your personal style: What is your favorite class? What's your dream job? What kind of movie is your favorite? Big Time Rush Quizzes. Buzz Music Beauty Style Crush. At a football game At the mall In class At band practice What's your dream date?

Playing a game of one-on-one basketball Playing mini-golf and getting my crush to help me with my putting skills A romantic dinner for two Seeing my fave band live in concert with my crush What's your fave flirting technique? Challening your crush to a game You have too many flirting techniques to pick a fave Making your crush laugh Showing off a cool talent Your crush won your heart by: Winning the big game Flirting with you at school Giving you flowers Writing you a song What is the main thing you and your crush have in common?

You both dominate in gym class You're both super popular You can talk about anything You have the exact same taste in music Every guy you crush on has to be: Athletic Fun Sweet Passionate Describe your personal style: Sporty Girly Casual Trendy What is your favorite class? They were all really good friends, but Kendall and Logan were just a little closer to each other, just like James and Carlos were a little closer to each other.

A few weeks ago he had realized there was a little more to their friendship than was what others would call "normal". Like how Kendall had started noticing Logan had begun going shirtless in their bedroom, when he wouldn't go shirtless anywhere else. And he's also noticed how much he got urges to touch Logan more often and in any way possible, be it an arm around the shoulders or a hand on his back or just a swift brush of his fingers over the arm or anything.

So, Kendall finally figured that he had a small, tiny, itty-bitty man crush on Logan. But whenever Logan smiled at him or even just looked at him, his heart would beat faster and he would begin questioning how he looked and hoping Logan thought he looked good. So, when Logan stepped out of the elevator and almost skipped to Kendall, a huge smile could be seen on the blonde's face from a mile away. Logan stood in front of the mirror in his and Kendall's room, trying to find something that he hoped said blonde would like. Yes, Logan, the brains of the group and second shortest, had developed a crush on the tall boy with bushy eyebrows.

He loved his smile, his eyes, his kinda big nose, his eyebrows, his cocky attitude… Logan loved it all. Would he say he was in love with Kendall? Possibly… although he had never been in love before so the pale boy wasn't sure.

Who's Your Big Time Rush Date?

Finally clearing his thoughts, he picked out his outfit for the day, which consisted of black almost skinny jeans, a gray v-neck shirt, black non-sweater vest, and black Converse sneakers. Quickly fixing his hair, the smart boy left 2J and headed to the elevator.

She just called him that to tease him, since she knew about his crush on Kendall. He had taken to calling her camel since it was so close to her name.

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He meant no offense and she knew that. Is he going to finally sweep you off your feet and ride off in the sunset with you on his white st-stallion? Logan laughed briefly before stepping out of the now non-moving elevator. Logan ignored her words and headed to the lobby to see Kendall waiting for him. When his chocolate brown eyes met sparkling green and a cocky smirk, his face broke out in a smile as he took in his best friend's appearance. Clad in black skinny jeans not to unlike his own, a blue-grey-black checkered button-down shirt, gray Vans and a matching gray beanie, Kendall looked amazing.

Kendall took his headphones out and jumped out of his seat as Logan neared him. His smile just seemed to grow as the shorter boy smiled at him.

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The two teens got into the car and Logan started it up, and they were on their way. Once at the movie theater, they were surprised to see the theater was mostly empty.

How would you spend your Saturday morning?

Only an old elderly couple sat in the very front, heads leaning back to watch the now starting previews. Kendall took a seat in the very back, propping his legs up on the seat in front of him and shooting Logan one sexy smirk. Logan just took the seat next to him and began to watch the previews. As Kendall slid an arm around Logan's shoulders, Logan couldn't help but lean in a bit, a small smile on his face. If he had looked at the tall blonde, he would've seen a huge grin splayed on Kendall's lips.

During the movie, Kendall would occasionally run his fingers up and down Logan's arm.

Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt Talks Dating Lucy Hale

Not getting any protests from the other, Kendall continued it. A blush immediately rose on Logan's cheeks as he noticed how close he and Kendall were. Kendall, happy to be broken free from Logan's eyes, jumped out of his seat and disappeared into the closest bathroom, trying to catch his breath. What's wrong with me?

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Maybe his crush on Logan was a little stronger than he had originally thought. Heading out of the bathroom and to the concession stand, he tried to gather his wildly running thoughts. In the movie theater, Logan's cheeks had a bright blush spread across them as he tried to focus back onto the movie before him. Which was hard to do since his thoughts were completely consumed with how close he and Kendall had been just moments earlier.

He was distracted from his thoughts by his phone vibrating in his pocket. Pulling it out, he saw he had a text message from Camille. Logan looked around, trying to see if she was there, watching him. He wouldn't be surprised if she was. Not seeing her, he texted her back.