Dating very religious girl

Tell her what you do or do not believe, but also tell her to give up on trying to convert you. Then procede to enjoy bumping uglies as long as it lasts. You know this relationship is going to blow up so have fun with it. All we know is, he's called The Stig.


Very religious people cant date agnostics without eventually fighting over ethics and breaking up. Its just how it is, even if you "convert" its not going to last. Originally Posted by nonAtlas. Not possible, because we saints to whom God is "an important part of [our] lives" are, by definition, not "religious".

That you dismiss all of the Lord's people as "religious" means your relationship--if in fact you actually were to have such a girlfriend, and were not just flaming as you are here--means the relationship has zero chance of surviving. She may want to have family and kids you may not? But that is just it. He CAN'T be honest about it and expect her to stick around, and if she really is committed to the Savior she is not going to diddle with him. You might know this if in fact you actually were from a church family. You are quite possibly, the most unintelligent person on this board.

Like i said before.

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Okay, but what incentive is there to her doing that? You mean it would be something like this?: I have decided I really really really want to spend eternity separated from God and in torment far worse than any human can imagine, and I really don't need any more of the miracles, prosperity, favor and love of the Lord. Sign me up to ride that highway to hell. Sorry bud, but this relationship is going to have a very rocky road not ice cream coming up.

I find we balance each other out nicely. I used to date this super religious Buddhist girl not like a "real" Buddhist from Asia, but the white hippie kind. She was also a hardcore vegan, all her family were nudists, and into ALL the possible spiritualist crap regardless if it was related to Buddhism or not. She would also get upset and even cry if she saw me eat meat or admit to it. Their house was absolutely full of bogus spiritualist paraphernalia, from Budai statues to Eyes of Horus, and from Voodoo figurines and Wicca pentagrams to giant mandalas. Her bed was surrounded with lava lamps with Zodiac signs on them.

She would not even stop riding me if her mom stepped in for a chat. Of course, her parents would do the same, i've seen waaay more old scrotum and saggy tits than I care for, while visiting them. Luckily she "believed" in taking the pills, because she considered condoms unnatural and unhealthy.

Atop of that, she insisted on me always cuming inside her, preferably in her mouth so she could swallow and thus ""consume my Yang energy". She did not "believe" in shaving her body. Luckily she was almost hairless by default, except a tuft of blond fur on her muff. She was the most bizarre woman Ive ever met, but 10 years later I still remember her fondly, especially when I "meditate" alone with my Bald Monk.

Okay so, I'm a girl but I have to share my experience because it was so creepy. This religious guy a couple years older than me kept pestering me for a date so finally I say yes, well I find out on the date that he's one of these "I'm third" people. Whatever, I come from a religious family, no big deal.

He then tells me he's only ever had one sip of beer he was 23 at the time and he doesn't do anything other than make out. So I'm like whatever he's a solid ten I'll make out in the back seat of his car for a couple minutes, this kid legit imprints on me and decides that because we snogged we have to like wed and shit. Right before I tell him seeya he tells me that his mom has found all of my social media profiles and doesn't like what she sees, and told him he couldn't date a girl that cusses I'm not even that vulgar I just have an awesome sense of humor.

He then tells me he has told his mom that it's okay, he's going to show me the light and change me and make me a good person. I'm like what the fuck, I don't even like you why am I listening to this shit? I told him I wasn't looking to date but he wouldn't stop calling and calling and calling so finally I tell him straight I think he's fucked in the head but he continues to bother me. This was four years ago and I still get a text from him once every couple of months like "I've been thinking about you" despite the fact that I'm currently living with my boyfriend of two years.

I had plans to move shortly after we began dating so the whole thing was a bit rushed, we decided after three months. We knew each other for many years before dating, though. I'd say you just have to go into it realizing that you'll have to learn how to exist separately, together.

Navigating the dating scene as a non-believer

What I mean by that is that every once and a while you're gonna piss each other off so you need to have your own space. My boyfriend and I are very happy living together, I feel genuine happiness every day but about once a week I have to seek refuge in the office and paint for a few hours so we don't kill each other. You need to be able to be alone so that you don't feel smothered in the home and the relationship.

Why do people do this? It's common sense that people with great differences don't usually get along.

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Religion is concerned with fundamental questions about the nature of existence and morality. If you're not religious and the person you're seeing is you know that there are irreconcilable differences there. Met this girl through a friend and hit it off at an inter-church gathering, and it didn't work well. She became too clingy and I felt like she was too immature for me. Intimacy was an issue too as she didn't even like making out. When I first started dating her she was really religious. She didn't want to have sex before marriage she changed her mind eventually, but not because I wanted her to and was worried about me not being religious.

Look, it can totally work. You both just have to be very open about what you want and how you want to live your life.

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Understanding each other is important. I got dumped for being too Catholic. Because I go to Mass a couple times a month and not to her mega church 3 times a week. I used to go with her to the Wednesday night service at her church where she played piano for the choir. She'd tell her parents that we were going to stop for ice cream on the way home.

Instead, we parked in the woods and she let me feel her up while we made out. I dated a Pentecostal. There are very little pros to dating someone who is very religious. Prepare to listen to nothing but gospel or Christian music. Prepare to be judged harshly. She will never listen to you and will listen to the people who manipulate her like her pastor, parents, and church friends. She is with you for earthly reasons and it will end quickly. The moral of my story is that these religious people are still people like you and me. The difference is that not all of them want what their religion wants for them and you do NOT want to be caught in the crossfire.

It is not worth it. I met her at my work actually. We worked different jobs with different supervision but I saw her a lot. We talked a lot and i talked to her and her coworkers about a crush I had they asked a lot. I felt bad talking about it because I had a feeling she liked me.

So I gave up on the crush and turned my focus to her. To really see if she was into me. We talked about more personal stuff and she eventually offered to bring me to church with her. I was raised in the church my whole life and I gave her the benefit of doubt because it was really common of Christians to do that. We never got caught though. We hung out in the car in an abandoned parking lot. We talked a lot, nothing crazy. So all those upsetting things I can just ignore get bottled up and one night I just felt like I had to sit and be sad. I texted her and wound up saying I was feeling depressed.

She offered to come over and be with me. She was always very clear with what she wanted. No sex before marriage and she was a virgin. We kept going, communicated afterwards and neither of us felt bad about it. So I thought that was a really good sign. I was into this girl so much.

If any of you that got this far and have watched full metal alchemist, I was Maes Hughes. She was the opposite.