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Do YOU suffer from 'statistics anxiety'? Researchers say stress from math is real and reveal how to beat The relevance of hypnosis and behavioural techniques in dentistry. Hypnosis as sole anaesthesia for skin tumour removal in a patient with multiple chemical sensitivity. Anaesthesia 68 , — Validation of visual analogue scale for anxiety VAS-A in preanesthesia evaluation. The role of hypnotherapy in dentistry. Italian version of Corah's Dental Anxiety Scale.

Toward the validation of visual analogue scale for anxiety. Anesthesia in the Inca empire. Increased cerebral functional connectivity underlying the antinociceptive effects of hypnosis. Human cortical representations for reaching: Neuroimage 37 , — Comments on an empirical study of the causes of dental fears.

Saunders Co; , 1— Fear reduction with the iatrosedative process. An evaluation of the iatrosedative process for treating dental fear. Cannabinoids and traumatic stress modulation of contextual fear extinction and GR expression in the amygdala-hippocampal-prefrontal circuit. Psychoneuroendocrinology 38 , — Epistemological problems in Cognitive Archeology: Effectiveness of two procedures for reducing dental fear: The Dream on the Rock. Sedation of children as out-patients for dental operations under general anaesthesia; trial of methylpentynol, butobarbitone, and chlorpromazine.

Psilocybin occasioned mystical-type experiences: Psychopharmacology , — Psychoactive substances in prehistoric times: Time Mind 8 , 91— A contemporary clinical assessment of historical findings of a year old tooth. Neanderthal self-medication in context. Antiquity 87 , — Evidence for food, cooking, and medicinal plants entrapped in dental calculus.

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Naturwissenschaften 99 , — Set, Setting, and Psychedelics in 20th Century Psychology. The personhood of trees: Time Mind 6 , — Avoidance of dental visits: Islam's forgotten contributions to medical science.


CMAJ , — Commentary on the significance for modern neurology of the 17th century B. Cambridge University Press; , 29— The paradox of pain , in Pain: Evaluation of dentists' perceived needs regarding treatment of the anxious patient. Self-medicative behavior in the African great apes: Bioscience 51 , — IRD Ed; , 31— Animal self-medication and ethno-medicine: The trance hypothesis and the rock art of Zimbabwe.

Cave art, autism and the evolution of the human mind. Further evidence for the reliability and validity of the Modified Dental Anxiety Scale. The Modified Dental Anxiety Scale: Health 12 , — Grasping the intentions of others with one's own mirror neuron system. A year old artificial human tooth from Egypt: Implants 19 , — The way of what is to come , in The Red Book: A reader's Edition , 1st Edn , ed Shamdasani S. A review of occupationally-linked suicide for dentists. Psychiatry 62 , — In the Dark Places of Wisdom. The Golden Sufi Center. Hypnosis in dental medicine: Psychedelics and species connectedness.

MAPS 19 , 12— The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. The University of Chicago, 43— The Singularity is Near: When Humans Trascend Biology. Treatment of dental anxiety disorders. How culture shaped the human genome: Consciousness and the commons: Trends in death associated with pediatric dental sedation and general anesthesia. Helping your patients overcome dental phobia. Phantastika- die Betaubenden und Erregenden Genussmittel.

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  • The mind in the cave - the cave in the mind: On vision and power in the neolithic: Changes in levels of dental anxiety as a function of dental experience. Psychosocial consequences of dental fear and anxiety. Psychological disorders and dental anxiety in a young adult population.

    Psychomotor effects of nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation on children. Mystical experiences occasioned by the hallucinogen psilocybin lead to increases in the personality domain of openness. Analysis of an anxiolytic technique applied in patients undergoing oral surgery. Island Press, Mantegazza P. Quadri Della Natura Umana. Systemic complications and their management during dental treatment. Food of the Gods: Cognitive changes and the emergence of modern humans in Europe.

    History and definition of pain , in: Wileyvch Verlag GmbH and Co. The Edwin Smith surgical papyrus: Dentists' perceived stress and its relation to perceptions about anxious patients. Experimental evidence for the co-evolution of Hominini tool-making and language. Applied hypnotism for the dentist. Items Interest 71 , — Hypnodontics or hypnosis in dentistry. Items Interest 72 , — Hypnodontics on hypnosis in dentistry.

    15 Things Anyone Who Loves A Woman With Anxiety Should Know

    Items Interest 73 , — Societies living in a dream world: IRD Ed; , — A comparative study of psychomotor effects of intravenous agents used in dentistry. Anxiety and pain measures in dentistry: Attitudes towards the use of hand over mouth HOM and physical restraint amongst paediatric specialist practitioners in the UK.

    From Eleusis to PET scans: MAPS 9 , 50— Systemic emergencies and their management in dentistry: Pharmacophilia or the Natural Paradises. Natural Products Co, 11— Paralysis and severe disability requiring intensive care in Neolithic Asia. Earliest evidence of dental caries manipulation in the Late Upper Palaeolithic.

    Just an archaeologist who lived in Rome

    Anaesthesia 69 , — The philosophical implications of affective neuroscience. Greater professional empathy leads to higher agreement about decisions made in the consultation.

    What It's Really Like Dating Someone With Anxiety And Depression

    Orienting in a defensive world: Psychophysiology 32 , — Zero Three 24 , 19— Hominin evolution in settings of strong environmental variability. Heart rate variability is associated with emotion recognition: Hypnosis phenomenology and the neurobiology of consciousness. Hypnosis modulates activity in brain structures involved in the regulation of consciousness.

    Cerebral mechanisms of hypnotic induction and suggestion. The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants. Ethnopharmacology and Its Applications. Park street Press, The new Medical-Industrial complex. Neuroscience, evolution and the sapient paradox: Death related to dental treatment: Gene-culture coevolution in the age of genomics.

    Do entheogen-induced mystical experiences boost the immune system? Psychedelics, peak experiences, and wellness. Pain response in depersonalization: Phytochemical and genetic analyses of ancient cannabis from Central Asia. The oldest representations of hallucinogenic mushrooms in the world Sahara Desert, — B. Integration 2 , 69— A contribuition to the discussion on the ethnobotany of the Eleusinian Mysteries.

    From witch doctor to modern medicine: Arnoldia 32 , — Plants of the Gods. Their Sacred, Healing and Hallucinogenic Power. Healing Arts Press, An empirical study of the etiology of dental fears.

    The Odyssey of Dental Anxiety: From Prehistory to the Present. A Narrative Review

    From Hominity to humanity: Time Mind 3 , — Preanesthetic medication of outpatient children. Efficacy of sedation of ambulatory children prior to general anesthesia for dental surgical procedures. Challenging the myth of the suicide-prone dentist.

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    • Time Mind 5 , 19— From hominins to humans: B , — The use of coca: Abuse 10 , — Theory and Practice in the Bioarchaeology of Care. Springer International Publishing, Trauma among the Shanidar Neandhertals. Flight of the shaman. Archaeology 55 , 1. Anandamide, a brain endogenous compound, interacts specifically with cannabinoid receptors and inhibits adenylate cyclase. Die Narkotischen Genussmittel und der Mensch. Cyborg morals, cyborg values, cyborg ethics. The Road to Eleusis. Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries. The wisdom of the body; a contemporary view. Use of sedative agents in pediatric dentistry-a year follow-up survey.

      Psychedelics as medicines for substance abuse rehabilitation: Human adaptation to the control of fire. Making patients safe and comfortable for a lifetime of dentistry: Cannabis sativa Hashish as an effective medication in antiquity: Oxbow Books; , — Not only is treatment highly expensive, it is inaccessible to most and the quality of care vastly varies depending on where you go; mostly due to inconsistent and inadequate education and training of mental health professionals.

      The influence of society cannot be stated enough when it comes to the formation of, and the struggle with, eating disorders.