Halo mcc matchmaking searching for players

I've sat searching for players for as long as 30 minutes without finding a single player.

It just stays on the searching screen with the status "searching for players" without EVER progressing past this stage. This is the only functionality that isn't working in the game.

I have even gone as far as to delete my game save from both the system and the cloud yep lost all my game progress. I am at the end of the road and I'm hoping to get some information about my status server side. Was I banned for some reason?

Halo Master Chief Collection: The 26 fixes needed to solve online multiplayer not working

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Show More Show Less.

Here is a copy paste of what I wrote in another post but I am not sure if this will help as in some regions people are still facing search -Yoink- issue. I have been playing for the past 4 hours back to back heck I'm still on matchmaking and its working fine.

Stuck at searching for players in Halo:MCC multiplayer? - Xbox Association - GameSpot

Also try the following which is usually recommended by other people in threads: You may combine the other methods mentioned above. I dont think I need to say that make sure your NAT is open.

LAN updates are also provided in this 5th build that allow gamers to find players on the same network with the flip of a switch while also providing latency performance boots. Greg recently added a rule for ranked Matchmaking Playlists which imposes a strict 10 level maximum delta for Matchmaking. This rule has an expanding delta effect, which starts at 3 levels and expands 3 levels every 5 seconds when searching.

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An example of the 10 level delta would mean that a level 10 player may see both level 1 and level 20 players. That is, having a 1 and a 10 in a session means we cannot have a 20, even with backfilling. There is a whole other list of improvements and additions to the 5th MCC Insider release that brings improvements to Halo 2 and Halo 3 gameplay and match making, as well as new dev tools. To read the laundry list of Insider notes visit the development blog here.