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He believes that if I follow him and his way , it would make him happy and we would be happy because we are following the correct islam way. I was not born muslim or live a muslim lifestyle , I was not exposed to islam until I met him. He is expecting too much from me and not seeing the sacrifices that I would need to take to convert to muslim.

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I hope I would be able to get some advice on this matter. I would love to know how other couple that have gone through the same thing overcome it. You should have the same expectations for him as you would of someone from your own culture. What you wrote makes me uncomfortable and if I were your sister or friend I would say you need to seriously reconsider your relationship. I agree.

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How he makes you feel. If something feels off trust that and do not marry him. You want to be loved for who you are. This is really interesting as I went through the same thing in Malaysia with a guy. My culture was ok until things got more serious then he wanted me to change. It was never going to work. I recently married my Lebanese boyfriend of five years we knew each other for seven years in total. I think it is not fair to generalize… I have met Arab men who fit the stereotypes, and others who definitely do not. I walked into a Lebanese fast-food restaurant here in Canada seven years ago and was sideswiped by a case of love at first sight did not believe in it before; neither did he with the man on the other side of the counter, as was he… long story short, he had been married in his 20s to a British woman who he met in Abu Dhabi, she gave him two children, but they were ill-suited personality-wise, and he was immature at the time she was six years older than him.

So it was a difficult marriage I have met her… I like her, but I can see where they might have rubbed each other the wrong way at times. They moved to Canada, and three years later divorced when their son was 4. He was alone for over 25 years… tried Internet dating, but was not considered dateable working 70 hours a week in a minimum wage job, two adult children still living at home, and a mother who came to live with him six months of the year, plus lots and lots of debt. So he had given up. After we had that case of love at first sight, nothing happened for two years out of fear, among other things, but we could not deny something was there.

We became a couple, and took it slow… he had to get his situation in order I helped a bit, but largely made him make wiser decisions as to budgeting, saying no to people, etc… he was overly generous with extended family when he did not have the means to be. And I could see he was a really good man in a bad situation. He could not take me out to dinner, but he could cook for me at home… slowly over time, his kids realized it was not fair of them to sponge off their dad… granted they were both a bit lost themselves, but I started to teach them how to budget, recognize what is a priority and what can wait, etc.

And he slowly recognized that in his 50s, he finally did deserve his own life… that is one thing… Lebanese men are often very devoted to their families, which is a good thing, but as I pointed out, it should work both ways, and family should understand that he is in debt and not doing well, and perhaps should be the one helping him… He is Moslem and I am Christian, but it turned out that we had a similar way of looking at the world, shared the same values, etc.

We have had people call him a terrorist not so much in Canada, but when we have gone on vacation in the USA a couple of times , and make assumptions about him wanting to convert me he was glad that I believed in God, and had good values… that was enough for him… he agreed to be married by my minister after meeting with her and talking to her … also people feeling that I must be his servant, but we actually serve each other… he cooks more than I do he is a chef , and we equally clean and take care of each other.

White guy dating an Arab girl, what can I do to get her parents' approval?

He is very attentive and considers me his queen, and I, in turn, treat him like a king. Good and bad people exist everywhere and in every culture, its people like you who makes the difference in life. Keep it up. Levant men in gulf countries, are the best emotional investments you can make. They are loyal, treat you like a queen, hold doors for you, cook for you, help with dishes, and all of them sing well. They are less uptight than gulf arabs, but believe in providing for the woman. I did not quite believe in love till I met one of their kind.

The downside is, they tend to not marry outside their tribal clan, but this one guy fought the world and being disowned by his family to be with me, and now our families get along incredibly well. They are more loyal, kind, family oriented, treat women like queens, unconditionally there for you, than any kind of other men I have met. I am a rational person, and I feel this guy, among the others I met of his kind, were the best relationships of my life. I have probably only met the good ones among them, but as friends, relationships, people around you, they are simply good people.

Well I need help I am currently talking to an Arab..

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He stated that I would be the first. Hello Eboni! I feel exactly how u feel. This topic only recently came up because his parents are in town for the 1st time during our almost 1year relationship. The longer I stay the more pain I will cause myself. It sucks knowing that the future of our relationship is now being dictated by his family. I wish u the best and remember that your feelings matter and so do u.

Good luck!

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When I am asked if all moroccans were like this i am clear that Absolutely Not he was just a very bad choice at a very young age. When I first met my guy. He was living in Algeria. We met on facebook and really hit it off. As time went by, I told my friends and coworkers about him. The first thought everyone had was you could be bringing Isis here.

I got defensive of course.

I was and am excited because I love this man with my whole heart and told my friends and some family. My friends were so happy for me. And how disgusted I was.

I had never been more angry in my life and defended my man right to my cousins face. It disgusted me to no end but my heart also breaks knowing that the love of my life and I will always have to face this in life. He is my heart. And I refuse to let these things slip by. I can only hope to surround ourselves with people who genuinely care and understand and that maybe the rest of the world will catch up and come to know of love.

I married an Arabic muslim woman. Well what can i say.. This is a pretty accurate article. Honestly, people here are very xenophobic even against the same mexicans coming from across the border.

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Oh well. All i can say is im happily married to a wonderfull arab man. I wouldnt want it any other way.

Not trying to be racist cuz i myself am hispanic, but Alhamdulillah i didnt marry a hispanic.. People are people, no matter where they are from. Some are good and some are bad. Religion, ethnic group, all of this is only a small part of the equation. Whatever you do today and in the future take your time, get to know someone for who they are, and do your best to listen not only to your heart and head but those around you that you trust. I have lived in the Middle East for a decade. I was married to an Arab Muslim, have many friends as well. All of us are divorced or getting divorced and in nasty divorce battles.

All pretended to be open and accepting to our way of life and etc. The only times I ever saw that it worked was when she adapted completely his religion and way of life. The relationship rarely rarely works. I was like you a decade ago, searching on the net and ignoring what they all warned me about. So true. I married a Moroccan and my life was hell. He stole everything I had and left me in tremendous debt.

Be sure and keep your money and gold safe. I wish I had. He destroyed my life. Very good liar, cheat, thief, and I thought he lived me.

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He even had another wife, I built a 3 floor apartment in Fez and furnished it…never saw it. Just be careful and listen to your inner self. It is usually right.

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