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These were times when women were in great danger of being attacked by wild animals and other men. This stereotype is important to recognize because subconsciously it can still affect our dating lives and who we decide to get romantically involved with. Tall women tend to have a complex with dating because, like any other human, we hate putting ourselves out there only to be rejected by a potential partner based on merely a physical attribute in our case, our height — an attribute we cannot control.

But height aside, all women in general have gone on a crusade, fueled by the body-positive movement, to ask men to stop being so dang shallow. I feel like this helps to keep our general expectations in a more reasonable place to begin with. Then ask yourself this: If you have, then you should extend the same courtesy to any guys that are shorter than you that are interested in taking you out for a date.

I am not writing this to persuade you to jump into a relationship with some jerk who has short-man syndrome to the nth degree — those guys that just cannot deal with women that are taller than them. Like all of us, men also need to work on their insecurities and bring a healthy self-esteem and a good dose of confidence to the table before they are ready to be in a healthy relationship with somebody else.

If they are secure and comfortable enough with themselves to ask you out on a date, then you should most definitely give it a shot. My older sister, Amy is a perfect example. I will never forget when she called to tell me that her now-husband had asked her on a date. They had mutual friends, so they had met in person several times before he decided to ask her out. I could tell she seemed really uncomfortable and unsure, but at the same time also excited. Besides her, I know so many other tall women that have dated or married men the same height or shorter than them, including myself.

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So, what if dating was like the show The Voice? This concept forces the coaches to tune into one thing and one thing only: What if you were forced to truly get to know someone first, before their height was revealed? Like a blind date, where you were actually blindfolded? What would this change for you?

I recently read this stat from another interesting article: There are plenty of men out there that might not see eye to eye with you literally — but are kind, caring and intelligent dudes that have 10, more interesting things to offer than what we initially see. Help your fellow tall sisters with some encouraging words and drop us a line below!

Like I shouldn't be dating her. She might actually be a hair taller too.

Women overwhelmingly demand a body type only 14% of men can achieve

What do you guys tell yourself? I'm not a manlet so I never have that problem, but considering my height, it's probably weird that I'm attracted to the petite chicks. I'd like a tall chick, long legs FTW. It would be hella weird to date a chick my height.

I've never spooned a taller girl but I have cuddled with a girl 4 inches taller than me srs I basically just laid to where my chin was above her head and her body just stuck out farther than mine at the bottom, you can still do the whole legs intertwined arms around her thing no problem with a girl as tall or taller than you. It's more of a facing each other thing though for it to work.

A traditional spoon wouldn't really work though but there are plenty of other ways to lay together. I would not date a girl my height or taller. They simply look huge. My girl is about cm. Perfect height for me. I'd rather live one day as a lion than one thousand years as a lamb. Originally Posted by AboveAverage.

Originally Posted by aleeboy. Have an Android device? I would prefer the girl to be shorter than me, preferably in the mid to upper 5 feet range.

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Never been with a taller chick, not many chicks over 6'1. I'm going out with a chick that's 5'10 this weekend though, and honestly, the height is hot as hell.

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I wouldn't care if I dated a girl taller as long as she doesn't care. I like my girl about 5'5 or so which she is because it makes it easier to put my arm over her shoulder and what not.

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I actually dislike it when she wears heals because suddenly everything feels unnatual and I don't like her even being remotely close to the same height as me. But I heard you give your favorite producer head in trade for his creative juices.

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