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If you have ever interrupted your academic career for child-rearing purposes, either partially or completely, please list all periods of leave on the application form. We will assess whether these periods can be taken into account in calculating your eligibility in relation to your career stage. The time limit set by the programme for the period after completing a doctorate may be extended by a maximum of two years per child if you did indeed interrupt your academic career after completing your doctorate for the periods stated and claim for these periods.

If you have any further questions please contact info at avh. If your primary life focus nationality and permanent residence is in a developing or transition country see list of countries and the research you plan to carry out in Germany is of relevance to the future development of your country of origin and, in this context, particularly suited to transferring knowledge and methods, you should apply for a Georg Forster Fellowship.

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If your project is more oriented towards basic research, we recommend that you apply for a Humboldt Research Fellowship. If in doubt, please contact us before submitting your application so we can advise you info at avh. Natural scientists and engineers: Scholars in the humanities and social sciences: In this case, a German language certificate confirming proficiency must be submitted. Otherwise, a good knowledge of English is sufficient. You are eligible to apply if you hold a research doctorate or a comparable academic degree.

If you have several research doctorates, the above mentioned FAQ on the subject of "several doctorates" applies. Eligible applicants must have lived outside Germany for a minimum of 12 months in total in the month period prior to submission of the application.

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Candidates who have completed their school education and a university degree or a university degree and doctorate in Germany are subject to the regulations governing German citizens see following FAQ. In all other cases we regret that we cannot consider your application. If in doubt, send us a seamless CV and list of your publications so that we can then advise you.

Please state which of the criteria applies to you info at avh. Who can be my academic host? Any researcher working at a university or research institution in Germany who offers to make research facilities available for the research stay may act as your host. If you have already worked in Germany for a longer period of time 12 months or more you should look for a new academic environment for another guest stay in Germany.

Applications that involve returning to the supervisor of the doctoral thesis or to the mentor of a longer postdoctoral stay are generally rejected by the Selection Committee on the basis of a lack of further independent academic development. You are free to choose your own academic host. The Humboldt Foundation does not provide any direct support in finding a host.

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We would like to draw your attention to the following search engines for hosts and research institutes: This database features a large proportion of the Foundation's more than 25, academics sponsored worldwide. Here you can search for names, disciplines and keywords. If the hosts work at different research institutes, they must each provide a host's statement and confirmation that research facilities can be made available.

Are there deadlines for submitting applications? There is no closing date for submitting applications. Applications are processed as part of an ongoing procedure. As soon as we have received your complete application we shall forward it to independent peer reviewers. Their written evaluations will then be presented to the selection committee at the next selection meeting at which a decision will be made.

Please note that you can submit your application only after your host and your expert reviewers have uploaded all necessary documents. The date used to determine whether the applicant meets certain formal requirements, such as career stage limitations and stays in Germany, is the date on which the Humboldt Foundation receives the respective application. Selection committee meetings take place three times a year, in March, July and November.

Applications should be submitted at least four to seven months ahead of the prospective selection meeting. A graphic display of the complete application process can be found under timeline of selection procedure. No, it is not possible to apply to several fellowship programmes or the Sofja Kovalevskaja Award Programme concurrently.

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Should you be rejected by any of them, you may, however, apply to any other programme as long as you fulfil the formal requirements. On principle, it is possible to file parallel applications. You must, however, indicate this on the application form and inform us immediately of any other applications you submit and any other sponsorship decisions that occur while we are considering your application.

If it is necessary for the success of the project, fellows may conduct research at research institutions in other parts of Europe during the fellowship period excepting their country of origin. Please do not apply for this stay until you have been awarded the fellowship. As a rule, the total length of your Europe Research Stay may not exceed 25 percent of the projected total duration of sponsorship.

Furthermore, if the fellowship is divided up into several stays experienced researchers , the duration of the Europe Research Stay may on principle not exceed half the duration of the respective fellowship period. Research stays in the fellow's country of origin or in a non-European country will, however, normally result in a temporary suspension of the fellowship. The first research stay in the context of a postdoctoral fellowship must last at least six months.

Experienced researchers must also apply for a stay of at least six months, which can, however, be divided up into two blocks of three months. You must start the fellowship period within twelve months of being selected. Otherwise you will have to submit a new application. Please refer to our current programme information for postdoctoral and experienced researchers for details.

A two- to four-month language course takes place immediately prior to the start of the research fellowship. The language fellowship is not part of the research fellowship. In other words, if you apply for a two-month language course in connection with a month research stay in Germany, your stay will last a total of 14 months. The intensive German language course can only be taken immediately prior to the start of the research fellowship.

If this is not possible, you may apply for funds to attend evening classes during the research fellowship.

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There is no obligation to take a language course. However, the Humboldt Foundation strongly encourages all its fellows and their partners to learn German during their research stay so that they can fully participate in social and cultural life in Germany. If the fellow's own institution does not cover travel expenses, the Humboldt Foundation will pay a single lump sum for return travel.

The Humboldt Foundation will only pay travel expenses for family members in exceptional circumstances. The Humboldt Foundation welcomes the idea that fellows' partners and children should accompany them and encourages this by paying family allowances in addition to the fellowship, provided that the family members accompany the fellow for more than three months.

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There are three Selection Committee Meetings each year: If you are coming from abroad, the earliest you may begin the fellowship period is usually two months three months if you need a visa after your application has been approved by the Selection Committee. If you are already in Germany, you can start at the beginning of the following month at the earliest. Should my expert reviews be sent directly to the Humboldt Foundation or enclosed with the application?

Your host s and expert reviewer s upload the required documents in a secure area themselves, adding them to your application form. You can find the links to this area in the application form. Once all the documents have been uploaded, you will automatically be notified by email and will then be able to submit your application. You are responsible for ensuring that your documents are complete.

Expert reviews should not be more than 24 months old at the time of application. Expert reviews and hosts' statements that cannot be immediately matched to an application will be kept on file for up to six months and matched with the corresponding application when it is received. The expert review should assess your development as a researcher, your potential, and your academic accomplishments to date. It is, therefore, important that expert reviewers are well acquainted with your academic work to date. You must submit two expert reviews.

Postdocs must submit an expert review from their doctoral supervisor.

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The host's statement does not count as an expert review! Your application must contain one to three key publications: Other publications will not be accepted exception: If you wish to cite your dissertation as a key publication but have not yet submitted it for printing, please upload the original manuscript of your doctoral thesis.

Please only cite publications that are already in print, have been accepted for publication or have at least been submitted to a publishing house. In the latter case you must include the acknowledgement of receipt from the publisher; in case of publications that have been accepted, please include the letter of acceptance from the publisher.

Any other works cited on the list will be deleted. Your dissertation may be cited as a key publication even if you have not yet submitted it to a publisher. As soon as you complete your doctorate, we need at least official confirmation from your university. You will not be able to start the fellowship without this confirmation.

You yourself should choose the key publications from your publications. You should choose works which present your most important academic results. In cases of multiple authorship you should select those to which you have made a major contribution. When choosing key publications we recommend including works that reflect your more recent publication activity.

Please note that you cannot amend your selection of key publications once the selection process has begun.