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Not the actual for fucking only section, but the personal ads. After a couple dates she gave him some version of option number one above, and he was completely fine with it and proceeded to just come and join our friend group for a year while she continued dating. At the end of this year she realized he was awesome and asked him on a date and then moved in with him and now they are married. I have had a ton of online dating experiences like yours, and i've realised: You can let it develop - sometimes after a few dates, you magically find them attractive.

If you go out with a guy three or four times, and you still don't have a romantic or sexual attraction to him at that point, then end it. It's not leading someone on to do that - dating exists to test out attraction. Transition to friendship if you can - my experience has been that online daters often want new friends too. Agreed that you should be upfront with him about not being interested in anything but friendship. I've done a fair bit of online dating and have been on both sides of that equation.

Sometimes we end up friends and sometimes we part ways. But online dating is a numbers game, and it's just better for everyone to be honest and upfront always. It's awkward, but it gets easier with practice and really is kinder. I think you should try a second date and see if you catch a spark, and if not, just decline to pursue it further. You're not going to be 'just friends' with a guy you met on an online dating site, and trying it is just inviting drama into your life.

There are some people who are actually OK with being friends after a date gone non-romantic. Just be forthright about it and then see if there's weirdness. In my experience, genuinely compatible people, whether there's a romantic connection or not, are rare, and I'd rather know them than not even if I don't want to kiss or sleep with them. Be honest, say what you want, see if he's ok with that too.

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If not, move on. If he says yes, but acts like romance is still in the cards, move on. Otherwise, say hello to your new awesome friend. This is pretty much exactly how I feel about online dating!

How to Date Online Law of Attraction

I found myself in this exact situation multiple times. I liked online dating in general, I met a lot of interesting men and had some great conversations and good meals and fun beers and I wasn't too deadly serious about it so tended to not be too disappointed. I disagree with the people who say you can't be friends with someone you met on an online dating site. The key to being kind and respectful, IMO, is to be very honest and up-front.

Tell him 'I don't think we're suited romantically, but I enjoyed your company. Are you interested in just being friends?

Dating someone with no physical attraction

I think one of the failures of online dating is that it's black-and-white, all-or-nothing. People expect immediate sparks, or they cut contact. In 'the real world', there are shades of grey. You might start out as just friends and then attraction grows, your future SO might turn out to be a friend of this guy and he introduces you, or you might just make a cool new friend. Unless your life is so overwhelmingly busy and full that you are actively don't want new friends, I don't see what you have to lose.

Just be very honest and very respectful. He wants a girlfriend, not a friend--this is why he's on a dating site. He's wildly attracted to you and thinks you're gorgeous. Please do him a favor and drop him politely, without even trying "friends. He's gonna be this guy. I've been in situations like this and I just be honest with the person - tell him you enjoyed the conversation and while you aren't about dating him you'd like to spend more time with him until you get a feel for things.

Then he can decide whether or not he's okay with that. Are you only on match. If so, you might up the odds by using other sites. In my experience with match. Or, perhaps, it was the way the site matches people up that ended up producing less interesting pairings than on OKC. Either way, it was all so very beige relative to OKC's more colorful cast.

If you like the guy but don't want to date him just tell him so.

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I presume that like yourself he is an adult. We don't have affairs with everyone we meet so why should this be any different. On the other hand you have met him exactly once and say you like him just that his physically advertised atributes seemed to come up short.. Don't lead him along that would be wrong. If you would like to see him again but in a non dating way just tell him.

Getaway sticks on an online dating site over 8 years ago.

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Before I met him, there were other guys I talked to and one other one that I met for coffee and none of those clicked. I think it's that is pretty normal. I've not only made a new friend from a dating site, I've stayed friends after having a five-month relationship with a guy I met on a dating site.

In fact, that guy is now one of my best friends in the whole wide world ever. There are a lot of different ways to be compatible, and not all of them are romantic.

Honesty is the best policy

Be honest about what you feel and what you want but also be willing to accept if he feels he can't do that. As far as dating sites go - there's nothing magic about dating sites, they're just a way to meet people you wouldn't have otherwise met. Whether or not you click with them is an entirely separate thing. I was you, once. Serial monogamist dipping her toes into the dating world. Match got me a lot of really old guys looking for a younger woman to take care of. OKCupid was the source of many intellectually stimulating but emotionally unavailable and sexually inexperienced men. I've gone out with many guys from online dating sites and I suppose that I'm lucky, as all of them looked like their pictures.

Whether there was genuine chemistry and interest is another story. My boyfriend and I have an amazing relationship that started on match. I do have a platonic friend that I met on an online dating site, but we never went out, so I think that's different.

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I'm not saying that you absolutely can't be friends with someone you had a date or two with but the fact that he is verrry attracted to you and presumably interested in your romantically as opposed to a mutual "meh" is a problem. I think you should be up-front about not feeling it with him Of course, he might not want to be your buddy, but what you don't want is a guy who keeps hope alive. I am not attracted to him The best way to avoid not leading him on is to not hang out with him.

You met on a dating site. His expectations are set.