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Although the article mentioned above speaks about men doing it, women do it too. Have I done it? Yes, I will admit I e-maintain some people. Am I proud of it? I think this is a new phenomenon that is becoming more common in this non-committal world. Yes I said it. The world has become non-committal. So what should we think about this e-maintenance and the casual dating phenomenon? However, most of the time people are being led on by this behaviour. So what to do? Well, as for me, I remain honest about my intentions or lack thereof. You need to always be honest and be realistic.

When in Rome … sigh, Rome … I need to be going there again soon …. Furthermore, the quality of a lternatives was significant only fo r romantic relationships. Rusbult, Verette, Whitney, Slovik, and Lipkus examined the link.


Th ey found that people. The investment model has also been used in studies analyzing painful and unhealthy. Fine and Sacher found that. Satisfaction was on ly significantly related to distress following. Distress was highest for men w ho perceived that their partner initiated the. The authors believed this is because men equate self-esteem with initiation of breakups. Moreover, acts of infidelity were related to declines in.

Rusbult and Martz determ ined that in abusive marriages, women were more likely. Truman-S chram et al. Th e researchers stated that this. Gaertner and Foshee f ound that violence in ad olescent relationships. As relationship satisfaction decreases, however,. Gender is another variable that research ers have investigated in regards to the. Fine and Sach er found that females were better able to predict whether.

Females also repeatedly scored higher on. The investment model has not been relegate d only to romantic dating relationships and.

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Rusbult and Farrell us ed the investment mode l in the organizational. They found that greater job rewards. Commitment was impacted the most by. Hatcher, Kryter, Prus, and Fitzgerald used the. They found institutional commitment. The investment model has been successfully used to predict commitment, satisfaction ,. Ma intenance strategies, on the other hand, are often. Maintenance strategies are intentionally, strate gically, and routinely performed in rom antic.

Dindia and Canary The study of maintenance behaviors has ha d three foci. Researchers have tried to. The research of Stafford and Canary ;. Their work has also. To obtain the five -factor instrument, Stafford and. Canary used open-ended questionnaires, as king what specific things they do to sustain.

The more than responses were collapsed into the factors of. Subsequent efforts by researchers have expande d the typology of maintenance behaviors. Dainton and Stafford analyzed the respon ses of couples to determine what types of. They argued that in addition to the five categories.

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These additional behaviors were a joint activities; b talk, which is verbal. They also argued that routine beha viors contribute more to relational satisfaction. Canary, Stafford, Hause, and Wallace inductively an alyzed student papers to. Their results indicate d the existence of In the most recent scale.

These two new factors were a conflict management, which references cooperation and showing.

To better understand re lational maintenance usage, severa l studies have investigated why. Daint on and Stafford Among committed couples, the most common. Other studies, using different. Thus far, several studies have investigat ed how relationship type impacts maintenance.

Moreover, Stafford and Ca nary found that seriously dating couples. Dainton and Stafford , however, found.

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Their findings indicated that relationship type has onl y negligible effects on. In f act, equity has been an important. Stafford found that both husbands and wive s enacted higher use of positivity, assurances,. They also stated husbands in. Researchers have also examined the effect s of frequent maintenance on relationship. Guerrero, Eloy, and Wabnik found that for da ting couples, frequent use of.

Conversely, the authors stated that. Da inton studied how mainte nance behavior expectancies. Stafford and Canary found that the strategy of assurances was a. The researchers suggested that. Furthermore, the strategy of positivity was the pr imary predictor of control mutuality and liking. Canary and Stafford found that relationa l commitment can be accurately predicted.

The authors also stated that. Rusbult and Buunk stated that committed couples are more likely to enact positive. Weigel and Ballard-Reisch found. However, it a ppears that couples must continually use.

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In a longitudinal investigation, Weigel and Ballard-Reisch found that long-term. Gender and sex differences have also been thoroughly examined in the maintenance. Several researchers ha ve concluded that women use main tenance strategies more often. Still, Stafford et al.

Specifically, the authors found. They stated that this may be because feminine individuals tend to be more relationally oriented. The most painful and stressful breakups follow highly emotionally involved, committed,. Because past relationships that were characteri zed by high levels of closeness and involvement. To examine how past relationship soli darity impacts current relationship involvement,.

Past relationship solidarity will be negatively relate d to current relationship a.

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Though past relationship solidarity may be ne gatively correlated with involvement in. Furthermore, the initiator of breakups typically experiences less depre ssion and loneliness and. Feeney and Noller found that some indi viduals find it hard to cope with a breakup. They stated that this might also. Even though divorce may be more devastating than the dissolution of dating relationships,.

Often, when individuals feel th eir breakups are uncontrollable, they experience depression as. Therefore, the following hypothesis is posited. Though significant negative correlations will exist between past relationship.