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We're here to let you know that the jerky boys are back in a new Kickstarter to fund the official XOXO Droplets spin-off. The goal is to somehow romance a murderous boy without having the crazy dudes you didn't pick or even the one you did end your life. It doesn't tend to go well.

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In fact, usually it's pretty horrific. JB has been attending the fancy boarding school Saint Sara Belle for almost a year now. No matter how many sparkly hearts consume her vision at the beginning, anything can happen in this place. The amount of twisted, winding ways the story can unfold is frightening.

'Gossip Girl's' Leighton Meester, 'OC's' Adam Brody dating, xoxo!

All you can count on for sure is that it will be crazy. And while we did alert backers through messages, just in case anyone didn't receive an email, we want to mention here that the Lucas route is available! If you own the full version of XOXO Droplets you just need to let Steam update your game or download the new files on itch. After that you can fully romance the wonderful Halloween-Haired prince as the 9th boyfriend option of the game.

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Thank you again for supporting our original project. It's been a while since our last update, but we've still been trucking along with various things. For starters, that bonus route where you get to date Lucas Kaiser is about halfway done and we're close to the sales goal that'll allow us to release him!

I'd say it'll be available by this summer or maybe even sooner!

We'll be releasing a demo next month! You can download an early version of that by visiting our Discord Community. It's a heck ton of fun, if you don't mind seeing these originally harmless boys now act like crazy killers. And finally we've made a lot of progress on a totally new project, Lake of Voices.

It's a free-to-play horror otome that's now on Kickstarter! We'd appreciate it so much if you gave the campaign a look. You can also download a demo from there.


And that's it for now! Update 30 For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Travel is an excellent way to bond with nature and this is very supportive so that you can relax mentally and physically. Amit Singh Oct 29, India is a land of diversity.

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Be it the languages, the people or the culture, diversity is what gives India its unique identity. Sitaram Madhukar Oct 24, Traveling with your loved one is all about knowing themselves or finding a hidden treasure that can change your life experience.

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Xoxo Editor Oct 16, Meeting and greeting people is the essence of humanity. Xoxo Editor Oct 6, Interested in International Dating? Find Your Soulmate on Xoxo Tours! Alone in the world? Worried about finding your Mr. Break the bonds with worries and make some new with happiness.

Kishore Beniwal Sep 26, Traveling alone comes up with lots of experiences and uniquely exploring the nature, but going with a partner is an entirely different…. Xoxo Editor Sep 20, Join 1 Travel Dating Site!

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Do you still travel single? Xoxo Editor Sep 15, In the course of time, the trend of traveling solo is grabbing the attention across the globe. Xoxo Editor Sep 12, Excited to know how to meet new friends while traveling solo?

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It is not much difficult as you do not need to be a merrymaker or socially…. Xoxo Editor Sep 10, Xoxo Editor Aug 31, Traveling is an elixir which can treat your sorrows and can help you to get rid of the toll of busy schedules. Xoxo Editor Aug 29, You might have gone through the tour and travel apps, and dating apps too, but there is a new thing in the market.

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